The world's first system of communication with those,
who are not UNWILLING or UNABLE to communicate
WITH YOU - but agrees on this for your money!
Первая в мире система связи с теми, кто не желает
или не может с вами общаться - но, соглашается на
это за ваши деньги!
- 但同意在此为您省钱!

Pay! We will leave to interconnection with you quickly!
Плати! Мы выйдем на связь быстро!

REPLONE, Inc., CA, USA with General DNA, Inc., NV.

-------- $ US - 100 % guarantee that the recipient will
respond to you personally on your e-mail! or phone.
1.35 $ chit with time mark -may be without answer

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    IMMORTALITYSHOP - world's first shop for Many-timers!

The list of available persons by countries - with the price, duration and form of personal contact - soon!
Список доступных лиц по странам - с ценой, длительностью и формой личного контакта - скоро!
可用人的国家名单 - 与价格,时间和个人联系方式 - 快!

For something serious and important issues
with timepoint in PayPal !!! With preserving
messages text in the PayPal archives.
Introducing your name to HHL, you get a 79% of payments!
Представляя свое имя в HHL, вы получите 79% от платежей!
介绍你的名字,以“亨达”,你会得到付款的79%! Registered & Protected 
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EXAMPLE of message as additional comments in 100 $US PP Paiment
-- have SMS to -- Corporations Admin-Officers

In the world of Many-timers will need for each the guaranteed communication of each with each - but, everyone will appoint its and only its price!
School Director - $ 100-1,000. Rock Star - 10,000. US President - 100,000. I.J.Barbe - 10,000,000, etc.
All lobbying world - enters the the HOTHOTLINE system with paying taxes !! For Many-timerse - reputation above all! Honesty - the cornerstone! Oath! The Public approval to the next birth for each - cann't to bought for money !!
HOTHOTLINE - stop all war on earth!
Violation of the rights of participants of the HOTHOTLINE - comparable to the destruction of the Master-code of a guilty of abuse!
Please - Register. Put your price. Wait! And, be 100% in contact with any amount.
When a lot of contacts - to raise the price, man - to reduce the amount of communication with the rich public ! If not enough - lowers the price online!
Do to a people your gifts! May be Discount - if you have to speak, now. - 90%!!!
Birthday gifts in all family - a conversation with the Star! Gift when death near death - urgent conversation with the Pope! Why not - if you Want & Can!
Be Rich - good - but you can be honest only - now! Earning with your talent. f.e. The banking system will collapse in forms of 2015 - reusable Many-timers do not want to risk their eternity - for trivial profit!
SAVE YOUR MASTER-CODE! We Start absolutly new Social Net! The HOTHOTLINE Net! The Net of the future Many-timers! You are Welcome! Welcome! Acquire and read - THE MANY-TIMERS MANIFESTO!